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How many times we’ve felt it, and yet, we still run away from it every time it appears. 

Pain can be a slight hit or a huge blow. For example, in this picture I had just bumped into a tree branch that I didn’t see, in the middle of the street, because I was looking at something more important. 

Pain can be the cause or the healer. 

They say pain makes us aware of our elevated condition of what means being a human. It reminds us, from time to time, that we’re not dead, although we may wished we were.The size of the damage has nothing to do with the size of the pain. The branch caused me a slight cut, it even bled, but was nothing compared to the pain that came after, that didn’t bled at all. I wasn’t expecting any of them.


That’s also the beauty of it: you never see it coming. 

Isn’t it curious how something that gives us so much pain can also give us so much happiness?

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